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We would like to know   “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Don’t be stubborn as a Mule.

Or Pig headed.

If a little Bird told you.

Tell us, we would like to know , at Animal Paradise Talks.

"The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad."
~ Salvador Dali

One thought on “ANIMAL PARADISE TALKS All About Animals And Pets , Our Stars.

  1. I remember my first Dog:
    My first dog’s name was Dino.
    I got Dino in 1966 . My Godfather was given five dollars to take the family to Coney Island and instead he bought Dino , which made my mother upset.
    The whole family loved Dino and I remember my Godfather said the reason for choosing Dino was , all the other dogs were running about , but Dino remained in control. Dino was like a brother to me , in a time when it wasn’t an issue for a child to be left in the house alone I was home alone with Dino. I had seven brothers and sisters but Dino was always home with me. Dino raised the bar on any dog we ever owned . Dino was a puppy when we got him but he was trained , he was like a person inside a dog’s body. I remember a game we used to play in the house , like Monkey in the middle. We threw the ball around so Dino couldn’t get it and when he did get it we would say “ooooh -oooh” and he would feel ashamed and drop the ball. I could list a number of extraordinary things Dino did. I was doing a tour in Germany and my brother arrived in 1981 and he informed me that Dino had to be put to sleep. He recalled a time when Dino was hit by a car when he took him out, and he had prayed that Dino never die. To this day Dino will make cameo appearances in my dreams and it seems so real, I guess Dino never died.

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